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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Can you say VACATION?

I’m in the midst of vacation – a truly rejuvenating one. My two children and I love to travel, but it seems that I’ve overdone it in past years and have come home from our travels exhausted. Take last year: driving half way across the country – as the only driver – only to swelter in the August heat of Washington, DC. Fun trip but truly exhausting.

This year was going to be different, I was certain. So instead of driving, I decided that we would travel by Amtrak. An adventure for the kids. We enjoyed 6 days in Chicago. It would have been a perfect trip if not for the vomiting from young daughter on the way to the Amtrak station and vomiting from my eldest son on the way home from the Amtrak station. Needless to say, our van smells!

Chicago was wonderful. We saw the musical WICKED while we were there and loved it. Defy gravity and go. We bought the soundtrack and are all singing, “Popular.” Another highlight of the trip was taking in the wonders from the King Tut tomb, now on display at the Field Museum. Amazing. Eldest son (Handful but heartful) really enjoyed the Museum of Science and Industry and Delightful Daughter loved the American Girl Place, with her doll in tow.

Me – I enjoyed time with my kids. We walked miles every day and laughed and talked and pulled together again. The past months had made an independent bunch of us. I enjoyed time to read while the kids played in the pool (Memorykeeper’s Daughter - a good read). And I enjoyed the rest, as well…we slept in each and every morning.

Now we are home and using another week of vacation to get ready for school, to clean the garage…and to clean our van, now nicknamed the Barf-mobile. Life is good.


At 9:37 AM, Blogger Songbird said...

Ew, sorry about the barf!


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