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Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday Five - Happy Anniversary!

The Friday Five: Happy Anniversary!
In honor of the First Anniversary of the RevGalBlogPals, Songbird has compiled the following Friday Five:

1) What is your first memory of the RevGalBlogPals? It was early in November of 2005 and I got on the computer to explore the world of blogs – for the first time. I “googled” to see if anyone might possibly have a blog about being a woman pastor. Was I surprised to find not just one blog but a whole circle of women. In the days that followed I read many of the different blogs and suddenly felt like my world was richer and my days were brighter – there were women sharing common experiences, inspiring me with their wit and their wisdom and opening up my world with insights from women of different denominations. I didn’t start a blog until after the Festival of Homiletics. I’ve been to several Festivals but missed this year – I read several posts during and after the Festival and felt bad because I would have loved to have met you as you gathered there. In some ways I feel like a silent partner of the community because I don’t take the time to update my own blog very often. Yet, I visit several RevGal blogs on a daily basis and want to become more active in the community.

2) Have you met any of the other ring members in real life? None, that I know of!

3) Of those you haven't met, name a few you would love to know in person. I would love to meet the matriarchs…Songbird, St. Casserole, Preacher Mom, Reverend Mommy and Jan E.

4) What has Ring Membership added to your life? I elaborated on that in an earlier question…it has been a tremendously positive experience. Humor, joy and insight is added to each day by visiting the various blogs.

5) Describe a hope for the future of the WebRing. It will be interesting and exciting to see how the community continues to develop as the numbers grow.

I would love to have a gathering, as has been suggested. If the blog can be as enriching as it is, gathering together would be that much and more.


At 11:47 PM, Blogger see-through faith said...

This community is such a blessing isn't it. Don't berate yourself for not writing all the time. And if you go to the festival of homiletics again - you'll be sure to have a meet up and I'm dead jealous. Of both the festival and all those Rev Gals with their great t-shirts laughing together and supporting each other in ministry. That's what it's all about!

At 5:35 AM, Blogger Songbird said...

Hold that thought! We will make it happen, I feel sure.

At 6:45 AM, Blogger reverendmother said...

Thanks so much for your mission moment today. It really got me thinking about something similar for our congregation!


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